Hello there! My name is Sahar Abbas, and I am the founder of Toyster. I am a certified pharmacist by profession and a proud mother of two beautiful children 🙂

My journey with quiet books began even before my first son was born. After becoming a parent, I developed a fascination with the science behind early childhood development. However, my growing collection of toys for my child made me question if they were actually hindering my child’s ability to concentrate. Upon further research, I found that fewer toys actually increased creativity and length of play, leading me to realize that a cluttered environment can impede focus. This sparked an obsession with finding toys that matter, prepare children for the future in a holistic way, keep homes clean and organized, and make a positive impact on others’ lives. This inspired me to create Quiet Books, grounded in the latest scientific research and minimalism, and to provide parents with the latest in early childhood development. Through partnerships with organizations and scientific bodies, we strive to bring you content on early brain development. Thus, ‘Toyster’ was born, as we care for your kids just like an oyster does.


Our mission is to help children rediscover the joys of tangible playtime tools that encourage endless learning opportunities every single day. We believe in promoting less screen time and early education through our handcrafted quiet books.


Our vision is to inspire and nurture a new generation of little leaders who will grow into healthy, happy, and fulfilled adults. Thank you for being a part of our journey!