A: Yes, we also offer customized Quiet books.  You can Email/WhatsApp us to create a book that meets your specific needs and interests.

A: The turnaround time for handmade quiet books can vary depending on the complexity of the design. Some books may be available for immediate shipping, while others may require 10-20 working days.

A: Handmade quiet books should be gently spot cleaned as needed. Avoid immersing the book in water or using harsh chemicals or detergents. Store the book in a dry, cool place when not in use.

A: Absolutely! At our handmade quiet book store, safety and quality are of utmost importance to us, just as they are to you. We take great care to ensure that each quiet book you purchase from us has been thoroughly tested for safety. For books intended for babies and toddlers under three years of age, all detachable pieces have passed the Small Part and Pulling Test.
For our collections aimed at kids aged 3 and up, we use smaller detachable and clearly label them as not suitable for children under three years of age. We conduct further pulling tests as a standard part of our quality control process, and we exclusively use eco-friendly, non-toxic materials.
However, we still strongly recommend parental supervision at all times, especially for children under 36 months who are enjoying our quiet books.

A:Yes, certainly! We understand the challenges of raising babies and toddlers, and that’s why we’ve planned ahead :). If you need any detachable pieces for your quiet book, we can provide them for you upon request. Just let us know if you notice any missing pieces, and we’ll promptly replace them for you.
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